"Creating more from less" describes eco-innovation nicely - developing innovative products, services or solutions in a sustainable way with reduced impact on the environment.

Various factors lead to the design of greener products:

  • business is performed in a resource constrained world with increasing raw material costs
  • cost savings are to be had from leaner production practices
  • customers in local and overseas markets are increasingly concerned by environmental issues and this is  reflected in their purchasing decisions
  • environmental performance is an important criteria for business growth, especially for exporters

OpenGreen® is a versatile process and toolkit, providing tailored  resources for eco-innovative new product development or existing product refinement. OpenGreen® involves workshops using a variety of tools in either training sessions or actual projects.

OpenGreen® will provide eco-innovation solutions for your organisation that will lead to more value, less environmental impact and less cost. Moreover it will train your team to innovate and help them "think outside the box".


OpenGreen® was developed by French sustainability consultancy Gingko21 and is based on six years of trialling different systems and approaches to eco-innovation.


For more information on OpenGreen® click here (website in French).


Extended until Sep 30th 2015 you can benefit from a free eco-innovation scoping meeting.

  One of our expert consultants will meet with you for 2 hours to discuss eco-innovation opportunities for your business. This meeting will help you to better understand OpenGreen® principles and help us to assess which eco- innovative tools are relevant for your product or service needs.  OpenGreen® training and pilot projects may be eligible for 50% funding through the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Capability Development Voucher Scheme.  

Email Ben Canaguier to book your meeting. Or call us on 07 549 5749

OpenGreen® options
  • 1 day training session. Come and discover OpenGreen® tools and the eco-innovation process behind the toolkit, and take the tools home with you
  • OpenGreen® pilot project. Three half day workshops to eco-innovate your product or service
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