ACE Support Package

Many businesses actively measure their carbon footprint as a step towards improving their environmental performance.

Often a start has been made on collecting and collating data by an in-house team or enthusiast using a carbon calculator such as ACE. This provides a good start and gives the business an initial view of its emissions profile.  However going to the next steps in reporting and addressing some of the technical issues will usually require some external advice.

We have been working with businesses for five years, providing advice on measuring and managing footprints, and we have developed this package to provide on demand advice so that we can sit alongside the in-house team to guide them.

The package provides you with on demand telephone and in-house support to cover queries such as:

  • Using ACE or other tools to calculate organisational carbon footprints
  • Customising ACE to meet a company’s specific needs
  • Options for how to use the results from ACE, including reporting
  • How to set organisational and operational boundaries
  • Understanding the concept of Scope as it relates to operational boundaries
  • Advice on technical issues relating to Scope
  • Data quality and sourcing
  • The role of verification
  • Certification programme advice, including carboNZero
  • How to reduce your footprint
  • Offsetting advice and options
  • Information on product footprinting

 Source: GHG Protocol Corporate Standard

What you get

The package provides you with on demand telephone and in-house support.  We will tailor a package for you for an agreed number of hours and a fixed budget which you can then “use on demand”  over 12 months or whatever time suits you.  You can use the time to cover queries such as which emission sources to include, what years to measure, data sourcing methods and data quality, reporting options and emission reduction strategies.

Tailor it to meet your needs

The package can be used to assist with product footprinting as well as organisation footprinting. In fact, any queries you have regarding any aspect of environmental sustainability can be addressed.

For more information contact Wymond.

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