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Carbon footprint of dairy goat milk production in New Zealand. Journal of Dairy Science, July 2015

Kimberly Robertson, Wymond Symes and Malcolm Garnham

Life cycle carbon footprint of the packaging & transport of New Zealand kiwifruit. Journal of LCA, Oct 2014

Kimberly Robertson, Malcolm Garnham and Wymond Symes



What is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?

by Ben Canaguier


What is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

by Ben Canaguier

  Best Practice Sustainability

by Ben Canaguier, Wymond Symes

  NZ Emissions Trading Scheme

by Ben Canaguier, Wymond Symes 

Understandings NZ GHG Profile

by Kimberly Robertson

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ACE Carbon Calculator

A downloadable Excel based tool that calculates the GHG emissions of businesses and households.

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Marine Freight Calculator

An online calculator that calculates emissions associated with container sea freight.

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