Financial help for innovation and sustainability projects

In our last newsletter we shared with you some tips on how to go about preparing a good funding application. Armed with this information you may be keen to try your hand. Below we list some grant schemes you might like to check out.

Callaghan Innovation Grants

Getting Started Grant

For businesses in the early stages of, or new to, R&D. A Getting Started Grant will give you a kick-start to help you take your product, process or service solution from development through to commercialisation.

This grant provides 40% of your eligible R&D project costs, up to $5,000.

Project Grant

For businesses wanting to take on larger or more challenging R&D.

This grant provides up to 40% of your eligible R&D project costs.

Growth Grant

For R&D active businesses that have spent at least $300,000 per annum and 1.5% of revenue on eligible R&D in each of the last two years. This three-year grant will help you increase your R&D investment.

Funding is over three years. Eligible businesses receive 20% of your R&D expenditure, up to $5 million per annum.

R&D Experience Grant

An internship designed to cover the costs of employing a student to undertake a discrete R&D project over the summer student break.

Eligible businesses will receive funding of $7,200 (plus GST) for 400 hours of work.

For more information visit

Sustainable Farming Fund

The SFF funds 'communities of interest' to do applied research and extension projects that tackle a shared problem or develop a new opportunity.

Applicants can apply for up to $200,000 a year for a maximum of three years. The maximum total grant available is $600,000. Projects require a non-government funding contribution of at least 20%.

The current funding round for SFF closes 8th September, with concept documents due in by 18th August.


In-Market Grant

This grant is designed to support businesses and industry groups to gain a deeper understanding of their markets and identify and exploit potential opportunities. Specifically, the grant aims to help you:

  • gain greater knowledge and understanding of the marketplace
  • develop deeper relationships with your customers
  • successfully integrate into key markets
  • undertake market research and development
  • enable employees to gain international experience in the market place at an early stage in their careers.

Funding is available for up to $400,000 (inclusive of GST). There is a requirement that successful applicants will provide matching cash funding on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Agribusiness Innovation Grants

Agribusiness Innovation Grants encourage and support industry sectors and businesses to develop and implement innovative solutions to assist with transformational change within agribusiness value chains. Specifically, the grant aims to help businesses:

  • pursue 'on the edge' ideas that can transform a business or industry
  • gain a better understanding of world class best practices
  • speed up innovation and respond quickly to opportunities that are driven by new ideas or insight arising from the marketplace
  • facilitate linkages between innovative New Zealand researchers, producers, processors and marketers.

Grants of up to $200,000 (inc. GST) are available. Dollar-for-dollar co-funding is required. Seed funding grants of up to $20,000 (inc. GST) are also available, without a need for co-funding, for preliminary investigation or demonstration purposes.

Visit for more information.

If you are interested in any of the above funding programmes, or would like help with an application, please contact Wymond or Jane.

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Aug 31, 2017

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Apr 26, 2017

Export Regulations Compliance Workshop

About 15 regulatory managers from a wide range of sectors spent a stimulating morning sharing and learning about exporting regulations in the complex world of food.


Dec 16, 2016

Promoting healthy foods without falling foul of the Fair Trading Act

There is a real focus in the food industry on producing food that is enjoyable, convenient and healthy for consumers. It’s important to know how to promote healthy foods without falling foul of the Fair Trading Act. We recently worked with Viberi, a producer of New Zealand organic blackcurrant berries, on the labelling of their product.


Dec 14, 2016

When is a good idea a viable business opportunity?
We all have good ideas – but how do we know if they will make a viable business? This article explains what a feasibility study involves, and how one could help you assess the viability of your idea. Read more...

Dec 9, 2016

First Access Floor EPD in Australasia

Catalyst is excited to have worked with ASP Access Floors Pty Ltd to undertake a full life cycle assessment of its flooring system, gaining the first Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) for a flooring system in Australasia.


Dec 9, 2016

Catalyst team news

The Catalyst team has been busy, from participating in Climathon to working on agricultural aid in Pakistan and being invited to peer review country GHG inventories for the UNFCCC, this item will update you on what we’ve been up to.


Dec 9, 2016

Sustainability reporting for NZX listed companies

Sustainability reporting is encouraged, or mandatory, for listed companies on many overseas stock exchanges, and it looks like New Zealand will soon be following suit. We take a look at the state of play in NZ and what it means for listed companies in NZ.


Oct 3, 2016

Farewell to Malcolm

After 15 years with Catalyst Malcolm is moving to the Bay of Plenty and back to his roots in horticulture to take up a role as general manager with PlusGroup Horticulture.


Oct 3, 2016

Blackcurrants make Korean TV

Catalyst applied our food expertise to a unique project when a Korean television crew landed in New Zealand at short notice to make a programme about blackcurrants.

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