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From the land to the consumer, producing good food is a complex business with many risks and opportunities. 

Managing complexity, risk and compliance

We have an in depth understanding of the many and complex regulatory requirements of food production and can advise on import and export requirements

For foods with a health focus we can review your labelling and other marketing collateral for conformity with food, nutrition and health regulations

Working with opportunities

Are you developing high value foods, such as novel food, supplemented foods or dietary supplements? We can help you to build the regulations in at the start to ensure a successful product, rather than one that is not marketable as intended.

We also have experience of the diversity of import requirements for such food products in a wide range of Asian countries.

Contact us to discover how we can help you with any of the above.

Case Studies


The challenge

Managing risk and building your brand in a complex food system.


Our approach


Significant regulatory and industry experience from production system through food manufacturing and handling and retail, and the regulations governing food, including novel foods, supplemented foods and health claims.


Beyond compliance to opportunities, systematic innovation and efficiency.


Always working collaboratively with your team.


Outcomes for you


Going beyond compliance to brand protection and differentiation.


New opportunities to increase value.


Building food safety, quality and integrity into all of your business.