Design and management of an R&D portfolio

Many businesses recognise that a clear strategy is fundamental to business growth. Based on the business strategy we design an R&D portfolio for your company to follow. We use workshops as a tool in developing your R&D portfolio to ensure that all the future options are captured and participants have a strong buy in to the final decisions.

R&D has a higher risk profile than many business activities. Catalyst® lowers the risk by working with companies to design achievable R&D projects and has experience in managing diverse teams to achieve targets on time and to budget.

See what works for Anzco Foods New Zealand 5th largest export when they want to turn a bright idea into a reality.  There is some good guidance in the ABC of R&D such as having the right mix of optimists and pessimists!


Design and management of R&D portfolios

Feasibility studies

Development and commercialisation

Investment and government funding

Marketing of technical information