Business growth from innovation and R&D

Our Services

We provide an integrated suite of services from assessing an idea through to commercialising a product or service.

Is this a good opportunity?

Feasibility studies to assess the concept, market and competition.

Project prioritisation using an objective process to compare risk and reward across a number of opportunities.

Business cases assessing risk vs reward.

Turning it into reality

Technical due diligence for freedom to operate.

Designing the road map to a commercial outcome.

Management of the road map to budget and on time.

Accessing investment and government funding.

Future proofing

Creating tomorrow’s company today through environmental stewardship.

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Case Studies


The challenge

Everyone wants to be innovative. But innovation is risky, complex and hard. Ideas and creativity need structured and rigorous processes and hard work for success.

Our approach


Significant innovation and industry experience in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, food processing; dairy; supply chain management, nutraceuticals.

Risk and reward

We lower the risk by working with your team to design achievable projects on budget and to time.


Always working collaboratively with your team.

Outcomes for you


Having a clear strategy for business growth


Managing risk to achieve returns

Developing innovative culture

The more you do the better you get.