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Livestock Improvement Corporation

Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) says it's DNA Proven Semen – the ability to identify elite artificial breeding sires from their DNA, years before ‘conventional’ methods of daughter proving – will change dairying forever. The biggest advancement in bovine genetics in 50 years is expected to add $1.9 to $3.9 billion to the sector over the next 20 years.
We worked with LIC to plan the research and prepare applications for investment funding for the project leading to DNA Proven Semen.

For more information on DNA Proven Semen click here.

“In looking for assistance with preparing a proposal for FRST investment for a project of this size we needed a company that had a good track record, could understand the technical aspects and added value in the design and planning of the project. Catalyst® delivered on all these fronts and was instrumental in us obtaining the investment.”
Dr Richard Spelman, Chief Scientist

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