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Fresh State Ltd is a membership based fresh produce organisation representing Melbourne Market’s 120 primary leaseholders.

To start understanding its environmental impact Fresh State worked with Catalyst® Ltd to estimate its carbon footprint and it was found that their two offices at the Melbourne Markets and their two LPG kiosks have a footprint that at 143 tonnes CO2e is 11 times the footprint for the average Victorian household.

The main contributor to the carbon footprint was shown to be electricity use which was responsible for 87% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to footprinting their own organisation Fresh State keeps its members informed on carbon matters of interest to the industry via its magazine. We have written a number of articles for Fresh State for this purpose, three of which can be accessed below.

FSA Issue 2, Oct 2010: What is your Carbon Footprint? (PDF; 815KB)

FSA Issue 3, Dec 2010: Emissions trading explained (PDF; 530KB)

FSA Issue 5, May 2011: Zespri kiwifruit packaging footprint (PDF; 572KB)

FSA Issue 8, Oct 2011: The Fresh State Carbon Footprint

Now it has identified electricity as an emissions “hotspot” Fresh State is in a position to reduce the impact electricity use is having. Options to address this include undertaking an energy audit to determine if the most efficient use is being made of power, and in the longer term Fresh State may want to make use of renewable sources of energy as these become available.

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