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Dairy Goat Co-operative (DGC) is the world's leading manufacturer of goat milk nutritional powder products. DGC developed the world's first commercialised infant formula from goat milk, and continues to develop and manufacture a range of consumer packaged nutritional powders based on goat milk

DGC is growing rapidly, with more farms and more production per farm.  DGC is mindful fo the impact that agriculture, and its own business is having on the environment, and has in recent years, through stakeholder engagement, developed a strategy to measure and reduce its resource use and environmental performance.

Since 2012 Catalyst has been working with DGC to measure the life cycle carbon footprint of its products. In doing so we have helped DGC identify "carbon hotspots" along its supply chain and within the life cycles of individual products.

Based on this work a carbon strategy has been developed whereby carbon reduction projects have been identified or designed, and prioritised. Staggered implementation of the projects will take place starting in 2015. 


“ The catalyst team have helped us with the complex task of estimating our carbon footprint – building up an overall picture from the component parts of our business, and providing a sound basis for setting improvement priorities. Wymond and his team have added rigour to this process by measuring our footprint using recognised methods and their own experience. We’ve found our interaction with Catalyst to be very valuable – they match expertise with pragmatism when working on priorities for action. "

Colin Prosser, Chief Scientific Officer, DGC

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