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Antipodes Water Company

Antipodes Water Company, a premium bottled water company situated near Whakatane, was established in 2003 by Simon Woolley to meet a growing domestic and global demand for pure, sustainably sourced artesian water bottled in glass. In gaining carboNZero certification in 2006 it became the first certified carbon neutral  bottled water company in the world. By extending its certification to include the life cycle performance of its products the company can now proudly claim to be carbon neutral to any restaurant table, hotel room or home in the world.

carboNZero certification is a key component of Antipodes Water Company's business strategy and we have worked with them in the preparation of their 2011/2012 carbon inventory reports. This included

  • Detailing their supply chains for 8 products into 24 markets
  • Collection and analysis of emission  data relating to energy consumption, freight, packaging, business travel, product use and disposal
  • Working with carboNZero managers and the independent auditors to ensure certification is maintained

"carboNZero certification is important to our business. With all our staff busy with their daily workloads Catalyst® took care of our inventory reporting with efficiency  and professionalism, keeping the input from our staff to a minimum."

Andrew Railton, Operations Manager 2012

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