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AgResearch is New Zealand's largest Crown Research Institute and partners with the pastoral sector to identify and deliver the science and  innovation that is needed to create value for the country. Agriculture is New Zealand's largest export income earner, and AgResearch plays a key role in delivering new knowledge and technologies to this sector. It is a vibrant organisation with approximately 850 staff spread across four campuses and farms in the Waikato, Manawatu, Canterbury and Otago.


In 2012 AgResearch decided to start measuring its carbon footprint. Catalyst® worked with them to scope the project and developed a customised carbon calculator to account for some specific greenhouse gas (GHG) emission sources, including those from the many thousand livestock on their farms. Three years on and AgResearch has carbon footprint calculations for two financial years which will allow them to identify and reduce hotspots, and provide them with a baseline for future initiatives.

“AgResearch have been using a customised Catalyst Carbon Emissions Tool for over a year to measure the organisation's emissions from fuel, power, livestock emissions and travel. The Catalyst tool has been easy to implement and simple to use. This information it has already provided will form a base year for comparison with ongoing measurements as we continue our drive to minimise our organisations environmental footprint.”

Ragan Clancy, AgResearch Project Coordinator

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