Land & Food Systems case studies

Vegetables New Zealand

Water use and food safety in vegetable production in New Zealand

This review was commissioned by the Vegetable Research and Innovation Board. Our brief was to review the risks to food safety from the water (mainly irrigation) that is used in production and post-harvest processing of leafy green vegetables that are eaten raw or minimally prepared and cooked. We also assessed the effectiveness of the NZ GAP water risk assessment decision tree to manage the risks. This project brought together our understanding of food safety, ability to source high quality, relevant information from a wide range of sources, and skill in focusing on practical issues for the producer.


Conferenz is New Zealand's largest conference, expo & training company.

Over the last three years we have been invited to present workshops to the food industry on how to comply with export regulations for food products, and on food labelling and regulation - driving product development through new opportunities. Labelling requirements are becoming more complex with many changes being driven from consumers, creating tensions between regulation and the consumers’ expectations of right to know.

Participants have appreciated the in-depth and comprehensive information provided, in an area which can be complex and impenetrable


Innovation and provenance are at the heart of Landcorp farming and products. We worked closely with Landcorp to understand new opportunities for their deer milk and other products. We provided advice on the NZ regulatory requirements and export protocols for a range of countries.


NZ Blackcurrant Cooperative

Click here to view the health and nutrition web pages for the NZ Blackcurrant Co-operative. We worked with this business to profile their product and designed the presentation of the web pages to have impact for a web-based audience. In addition, we keep the NZ Blackcurrant Co-operative informed of the latest international research findings on the health properties of blackcurrants and interpret the findings for their customers.

“Thank you for the considerable effort that you and your team have gone to preparing this information. It will provide a great starting point for the Board to direct some R&D activities.”

Sally Anderson,  Research & Innovation Co-ordinator for Vegetables New Zealand


“Thank you for the work you have done; this is a really timely and valuable contribution to what we are doing.”

Mandy Armstrong Strategic Business Development Manager Landcorp Farming Ltd

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