Innovation case studies

Beef + Lamb New Zealand

We worked with B+LNZ over a period of 18 months on two projects.

We carried out a review of B+LNZ R&D portfolio and investment. During the R&D review we also looked at models for how other sectors plan and deliver R&D to build sector value.

Following this, we carried out a feasibility study on the concept of Future Farms. The intention of the Future Farm is to demonstrate to farmers, and others, how new technologies and systems can impact positively on performance, whilst maintaining the highest production standards within a smaller environmental footprint.


Beef + Lamb Genetics 

Beef + Lamb Genetics (BLG) was refreshing its strategy and asked us to assist them. Genetic gain is a long term business by nature and a strategy needs to take a 20 year view. We used a “Better by Design” process of defining the issues, creating responses, prototyping and testing with a range of stakeholders with refinement as required. The strategy was signed off at the end of 2017.


Bell-Booth Ltd

We have been working with Bell-Booth Ltd since 2008. Over this period we have helped design research trials on their products and built cross-agency research teams to deliver the research. We project manage key aspects of the research and review research outcomes with the company's indepent Science Advisory Board which we helped develop and whom we chair.

In this fashion we operate as Bell-Booth Ltd's virtual R&D department. From strategy thorugh to analysis of data we work closely with the company's CEO, sales team and consultant vet to deliver and utilise high value research outputs.

Dairy Goat Cooperative

We worked with DGC to prepare their full business case for a Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) entitled “Caprine Innovations”. Typically a PGP business case is the core document for the contract between PGP and the company. As well as having the higher level overview of the programme and economic returns, it must also have detailed project planning to form the basis of a funding contract. This is something we excel at and we got a lot of satisfaction bringing this all together with DGC.

“Thanks for all your help in getting the business case completed - it got excellent feedback.” David Hemara | General Manager, Strategy and Commercial

“Innovation is central to the future for B+LNZ and we very much appreciate the foundation work that Catalyst did for us on developing our innovation to its current position”.

Richard Wakelin, General Manager of Innovation, Beef + Lamb NZ 


“I will be more than happy to engage your services, should I need any assistance on pulling applications or projects like this together”.

Graham Alder, CEO, Beef + Lamb Genetics

 Bell-Booth Ltd has been using the services of Catalyst® for over ten years now. They have assisted us develop our business by effectively managing our R&D and helping with strategic direction. Wymond and the team have added value to our company through their independent expertise, professionalism and commitment.”

Stephen Bell-Booth, CEO, Bell-Booth Ltd

Sustainability case studies

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Land and Food Systems case studies

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